Information last updated 4/21/2021
Intake point:
Level of case management:
Population group served:
CMIS development level:
Direct registration
Case work
Children and their families
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Registered operators:
ca. 4000
GSL (Gestión Social Local, or Local Social Management) platform: a CMIS to support case work and social assistance at the municipality level in Chile
Intake point
Direct registration
Individuals seeking social assistance support are registered directly for case management services at the municipal units of social services. At the front office or desk, their requests are registered in the GSL platform. The individual is either provided information and orientation or is referred to other services. In more complex situations, the platform also serves as a supporting tool to provide case work to the beneficiary and his or her family.
Level of case management
Case work
The GSL platform supports different levels of case management, from information and orientation to referrals and case work. In complex cases requiring case work, the GSL platform supports social workers’ activities at different stages of an intervention: social screening, diagnosis, intervention planning, intervention, and monitoring and closure of cases.
Population group served
Children and their families
The GSL platform supports case management for vulnerable clients who require a social benefit or service within a municipality. Eligibility criteria are relevant only for a specific benefit or service. Nevertheless, GSL also supports the provision of information and orientation to any individual seeking social support who enters the municipal office.
Chile country card:
Table of contents
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Context on the introduction of the GSL platform
Institutional context 
Provision of social, labor (and other) benefits and services 
Provision of case management services 
Supporting Tools for case management services and IT infrastructure
Collaboration mechanisms 
Information and technology
GSL platform and its core modules