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Information last updated 4/21/2021
Intake point:
Level of case management:
Population group served:
CMIS development level:
Direct registration
Case work
Most vulnerable population
Year of launch:
CMIS status:
Registered operators:
800 (200-300 social workers)
Montgomery County platform, the Enterprise Case Management System (eICM): a CMIS for the improvement of the integration in the delivery of social programs and services
Intake point
Direct registration
The Montgomery County platform was developed for the integration of services and programs at the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Maryland, United States. Individuals are registered on the Montgomery County platform directly when they access any social or health service and an operator records their data. Once the data is collected the individuals are informed of all the benefits, services, programs, and institutions available for them.
Level of case management
Case work
The Enterprise Case Management System (eICM) accommodates the whole case processing approach from screening and intake; through assessment, case management, and case outcomes; to case closures.
Population group served
Most vulnerable population
The platform supports case management for the general population, from assessment of needs and conditions to referrals, case dispensation and case outcome.
Montgomery country card:
Table of contents
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Context on the introduction of the Montgomery County platform
Institutional context 
Provision of social, labor (and other) benefits and services
Provision of case management services
Eligibility for case management
Supporting tools for case management services and IT infrastructure
Collaboration mechanisms 
Information and technology
The Montgomery County platform and its core modules (screening – different part of the system)
System Architecture
Software and technologies
Technical architecture
Core features of the Montgomery County platform