Case Compass


Facilitate the improvement of case management services and the development of case management information systems (CMISes) in selected countries, and promote their use for social protection interventions globally.

You can contact us via our contact page.

The Case Compass Toolkit services and products are not for commercial purposes and are available to interested countries as part of existing or new World Bank support.

Soon! We are currently working on Case Compass Learn where you can find all the learning materials to make the most of the Case Compass Toolkit and improve case management.

Yes, we are here to help! If you need support please contact us via our contact page.

The Toolkit makes available three main tools​ - the guide, the prototype, and learn. The guide - a digital guide to the fundamentals of case management information systems (CMISes) and case management. ​The prototype - a fully functioning CMIS prototype to showcase different modules and functionalities of case management information systems​. Learn - Tailored advice (clinics) from the Case Compass team on setting up and running a CMIS project​.