Case Compass
We show decision makers what a case management information system (CMIS) can do.
What’s the Case Compass Prototype for?
Demonstrate possibilities
Demonstrate possibilities
A demonstration of possibilities, not a piece of software to implement.
Emulate the case management workflow
Emulate the case management workflow
Use the Prototype like a hands-on lab. Try out workflows for different case management scenarios.
Offer a tool that's ready to test
Offer a tool that's ready to test
A way for World Bank staff and in-country counterparts to see what a case management information system can do.
See basic case management modules
Come and explore our world of IT solutions through tutorial videos and get inspired
Watch video tutorial
Case manager landing page
Watch video tutorial
Create new person and case
Watch video tutorial
Pre-assessment (Profiling)
Watch video tutorial
Watch video tutorial
Meetings and client requests
Watch video tutorial
Intervention plan
Discover additional features and modules
Notification support
Enhancing user experience with timely info, improved communication, and engagement.
Meeting management
Effective communication and collaboration to optimize time and resources.
User management
Administering user accounts, permissions, and security for system governance and user interactions.
Document upload
Document upload streamlines case management, enhances collaboration and efficiency.
Logging & auditing user actions
All users actions can be logged and audited in the system.
Infrastructure with data privacy, ensuring data isolation and the ability to add new users for each tenant.
Supporting versioning of the tools within a case, ensuring accurate tracking and parallel usage.
Data warehouse
Enabling organizations to gain insights, make informed decisions, and support strategic planning.
Providing a comprehensive, at-a-glance view of key performance indicators, offering key insights.
Beneficiary’s portal
Easier communication and access to make beneficiaries part of their journey.
Supporting user roles
Assigning and managing distinct roles and permissions for users to control access and responsibilities.
High level tech stack overview
high level tech stack overview