Case Compass


Where decision makers can see what a Case Management Information System (CMIS) can do.
Case Compass Prototype

What’s the purpose of the  Case Compass Prototype?

Demonstrate possibilities
Demonstrate possibilities
A demonstration of possibilities, not a piece of software to implement
Emulate the case management workflow
Emulate the case management workflow
Case Compass Prototype can 'emulate' the case management workflow of different case management scenarios, serving as a hands-on-labs tool
Offer a tool that's ready to test
Offer a tool that's ready to test
A way for World Bank staff and in-country counterparts to see what a CMIS can do
Experience our different demos
Request a demo and we will show you one of our CMIS examples with individual case management instruments and features in action.
Demo 1
Europe and Central Asia
Indirect intake
Case work
Low-income families
Demo 2
Indirect intake
Case work
Families with young children
See what is possible with a CMIS
Dashboard & case page
Search for a person
Create meetings
Basic case management instruments
Case creation
Intervention Plan
Referral module
Intervention evaluation
Additional features/modules
Notifications support
Meetings management
User management
Documents upload
Logging & Auditing of user actions
Multi tenancy
Profiling designer
Assessment designer
Data Warehouse
Beneficiary’s portal